Cheese corn sandwich

Milk – 3 cups
Corn – 1 cup
Maida – 1spoon
Cheese cubes – 4 to 5 (you can add more if you want more cheese)
Onion – 1
Garlic – 1
Green chilli – 1
Salt to taste


In a pan heat 1tsp oil, add garlic and onions. Saute till colour changes now add corn (use frozen corn but make sure you take it off the freezer atleast 20 mins before). Saute till the corn is cooked. Boil milk and once it is taken off the stove, add maida and then cheese. Add salt to taste. Mix it well so that lumps are not formed. Once it becomes like a paste add corn, onion and garlic mixture. Now grind the green chilli and add it to this mixture. Mix it well. You can also add oregano powder. If the mixture is thick, you can add little milk to it (it should be like a paste only then you can apply it on the bread).

Now take a bread slice, apply the cheese corn mixture on it and close it with another bread. Heat a pan, add little oil to it and toast the bread.

Cheese corn sandwich is ready.

You can even add capsicum in this. Also, instead of green chillI you can add red chilli flakes. Another variation is after you saute the onions and garlic you can grind it and then mix with corn.


Bread bajji

Gram flour (to make a paste)
Rice flour (one spoon)
Green chilly – 1
Red chilly – 2
Ginger – 1 small piece
Onion – 1
Garlic – 4 to 5 pieces
Corainder leaves
Garam masala – one pinch (optional)

1. In a mixie jar, add red chilli, green chilli, onion, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, salt to taste, little water, garam masala and grind it till it becomes a paste.

2. In a bowl add gram flour, rice flour, paste (from step 1), water and mix it well. Bring it to the bajji paste consistency.

3. Now take oil in a kadai and heat it.

4. Once the oil is heated, take a bread, cut it into two (like a triangle), dip it in the paste ( the bread should be covered with the dough but if you dip too much it will become soggy) and put it in the oil. Fry till the bread turns golden brown.

5. Serve hot and you can garnish with curry leaves.



Hyderabadi stuffed brinjal

7 – 8 numbers (use the round purple small brinjals)
1tbsp channa dal
Few curry leaves
Pinch fennel seeds
Hing – a pinch
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 tbsp oil
Dry chilli 3 numbers
Tamarind – one small ball
Turmeric powder – pinch
1 tbsp jeera
2 tbsp urad dal

Wash the brinjals and split it from the center like a flower

In a pan, add little oil add channa dal, urad dal, dry red chilli, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, zeera, tamarind, curry leaves, hing, salt, turmeric powder and fry till it turns golden brown. Now grind it and make it into a fine powder.

Now stuff the powder inside the brinjal.

In a pan add oil and cook the brinjal for 15 mins. You have to sprinkle water and close it with a lid so that the brinjal is cooked well.

Garlic can also be added and powdered along with the other ingredients..

Shimla Mirch Bharwa (Stuffed Capsicum)


Small even sized capsicums – 10

Potato – 3-4 big potatoes

Dhaniya – 1 tsp

Jeera – 1 tsp

Garam Masala – 1 tsp

Red Chilli Powder – as per taste

Salt – as per taste

Oil – 4 tbsp or little more.


For Stuffing:

Boil the potatoes in a cooker and mash it after removing the skin. Add salt, red chilli powder and mash it well.

Take a little less than 1tsp oil in a pan, add the seeds and let them splutter. Add the mashed potato and cook it until the raw smell is not evident.

Once it is done, keep the stuffing aside.


For Stuffed Capsicum :

Take the small even sized capsicums and scoop out the seeds with a small knife.

Stuff the capsicums with the stuffing prepared above.

Heat a non-stick pan and add some oil to it.

Keep the capsicum in the pan and close it with a lid. Cook until it turns soft.

You might have to open it every now and then to check how the capsicum is cooking.

Once the capsicum turns soft, Shimla Mirch Bharwa is ready.


This can be served with rotis and rice.